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Will Your Backlogs Affect Your Career or Studying Abroad Plan?

Will Your Backlogs Affect Your Career or Studying Abroad Plan

Engineering can be a tough ball game, and even tougher for those who have backlogs. This has been a notion that affects many student’s moral and hampers their job searching or studying abroad enthusiasm. Therefore, it is important to research well, and understand how much will backlog affect your future.

The first thing is to know how backlogs affect at different stages. For example, getting backlogs and still reaching the finishing point, i.e., completing B.E. in 4 years will not affect your career graph or your future study prospects in any way.

Similarly, if you have backlogs and manage to finish your B.E. in 5 years, it is still untroublesome. However, if your B.E. is procrastinated beyond 6+ years, then that is a major problem. Especially, getting an entry into the IT world becomes quite a challenge.

There are many who wish to go beyond India, study abroad, learn about foreign cultures, and then start working. In such cases too students might have doubts if they have backlogs.

To help you have a fair knowledge, here is an overview of how universities of different countries respond to applications of students with backlogs

Canada: Universities of Canada have their specifics depending on the position of the student. For instance, some universities in Canada accept applications of students who have a maximum of 5 backlogs, but they need to score 70% in bachelors. While there are some universities who even accept applications of students who have a maximum of 7 to 8 backlogs, provided they score 65% in their bachelors.

Australia: There are private universities in Australia who accept applications with not more than 7 to 8 backlogs. However, if you are hoping to get admission in one of the top universities of Australia, then know that almost all high profile private universities accept applications from students who have ≤4 backlogs, and when it comes to the Go8 universities, they accept a maximum of two to three backlogs.

UK: In UK, students with 15 backlogs too can get an admission provided your IELTS or GRE score is good. So much so that if your IELTS score reaches band 6.0, you can bag best offers, even with a backlog history.

US: In the US mostly students with no backlogs are preferred. However, in certain cases, they do provide leverage to students with a maximum of 5 backlogs. In addition to that, it all depends on your GRE score. If your score is between 315 and 325, and you have a lot of backlogs like 7 to 8, even then you have a chance of getting into one of the prestigious US universities.


Whether you wish to bag a good job or enthusiastic about studying abroad, it would do you good to go for early counselling. For example, it will be safe to contact the university faculty abroad to check on the backlog norms. In fact, in many cases research projects, internships or extra-curricular activities add-up to your skills making it easier for you to get admission abroad, or even grab a good job.