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What I_m Looking for When Hiring New Graduates

What I_m Looking for When Hiring New Graduates

Are You the Employer’s Choice

Employers are specific to pick attentive and skilled talent, which can fit the organizational culture and contribute in the long term.

You can become the employers’ choice now by knowing their requirements.

What employers are looking for, in cover letters, resumes, and LinkedIn profiles?

Coachable: Students, who have done joint projects, have the ability to work in teams and manage the differences, trace issues, problem-solving with most probably accurate fixation.

Grades: Focus of a student can be judged by his/her academic performance; hence keeping the grades good is quite important.

Quality of Resume: Be ready to answer the questions, picked from your resume. The language of your resume should match your personality as well as the domain you choose to work in.

Cover Letters: Essays -include an introduction and a conclusion part. Similarly, every resume needs a cover letter, briefing about yourself, and justification for the job position.

Internships: The successful completion of internship or probation leads to permanent position. The certificate of internship in your resume shows your skills and experience to work for any organization.

LinkedIn Profiles: The most preferred professional network is a place you should never miss to mark a presence. Your profile page should include all correct information, which can be justified. Keep the profile updated with accomplishments of your academics, trainings or extracurricular activities.

Do companies research a candidates’ social media activity?

Activity: What kind of activity you like, your choices, language in social-media platforms, your attitude towards others, whether your activity on the net pertaining to academic or it involves other interesting subjects, current affairs and innovations, can be analysed with your social behaviour/activity.

Connections: How many and what type of connections you have, which pages do you visit, your hobbies, extracurricular activities you take on, any social causes you are sensitive about and support and what connections say about you in comments on your posts. Your positive or negative popularity on the internet says a great deal about you without your knowledge.

Extracurricular activities: Companies want to know your skills like debates, your hobbies e.g. music, and social cause you work towards etc., reflect your attitude about how you deal with the situation, if that arises out of blue.

What are they looking for during interviews?

Fresh graduates are stressed during the interview, as they are not sure what interviewers look for in a candidate. The interview process has already created some impression that you can alter or impress further in the face to face interview. Your attire, attitude, presence of mind, logical reasoning, relevant knowledge required for the job position, work management, negotiating skills, problem-solving skills, ambitions and willingness to work towards company’s goals on their ethics, terms and conditions, can be inspected during the process.

If your job search and employer’s choice complement each other, you are just about to hear a knock from opportunity. Well drafted resume, confidence, your behaviour, preparation for the interview, and knowledge, collectively matter in proving how deserving you are.

Grab the opportunity with pride.