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Tips for Living with Roommates

Tips for Living with Roommates

Live it loud with Roommates

New College and New Roommates is an ultimate experience. Eventually you get to know each other well enough like a family member. If you have ever shared a room with your siblings, then sharing room with your roommates is simpler compared to those who are single child and don’t know sharing is so much fun.

Living with Roommates

Communication: Speak up don’t remain mute. The key to successful relationship with roommates is communicating using right vocabulary, and attitude. Share things such as somebody’s visit to your room, your trip to friends or family, anything that is important to you or absolutely anything that you want to say.

Respect for Each Other: Human beings of all age expect and deserve respect including your teammate. Show respect to the privacy, finances, decisions, preferences, friends, differences of demography, social, cultural, financial, and educational nature etc. if you expect the same from other person.

Show Care, Eliminate Pretencet: Showing appropriate care can help in building strong friendship. You need not go out of the way and help financially or do their project work, may be you can be open to academic or personal discussion as per your comfort.

Create Obligation Free Relations: No one can survive in this world by oneself; give and take is the foundation of every relation. Obligations can spoil the charm of wonderful friendship you create over a period.

Define Acceptable Limits: Everyone has acceptance and rejections based on their beliefs, habits, upbringing, and thought process. You are fundamentally no different from this person you are about to stay with. Accepting people as they are can give you peace of mind; this certainly does not mean you tolerate nonsense.

Share Emergency Contact Details: Exchange with your roommate the updated contact details including your family or guardian’s names and numbers. Any mishap or health issues if faced by you, your family can be informed and share your roommate’s contacts with your family.

Keep in Touch: You are not reporting to each other and may be you do not have a likeable equation but still it’s important to remain in touch. You can do things together like dinner, study, a walk, or anything to suit common interests.

Your roommate may accompany you for a year or till course completion and this person will be near you for most of the time, so knowing them well and maintaining healthy relations is essential. Let go off things and solve problems immediately if they arise.

Have fun in knowing your roommate.