How I Used My College Network to Land a Job

How I Used My College Network to Land a Job

How I Used My College Network to Land a Job

How Networks Attract Jobs

Networking is a skill of interacting with people to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts that give you leverage over the academic qualifications.

College, a world of attractive opportunities and rising possibilities that enroll you in the changes, it has to offer.

Results of College Network

Contacts: The people we meet with or without purpose can bring in a lot of information like new job openings, knowledge, skills you need to acquire, relevant places to find jobs, latest job portals and best possible referrals from seniors, teaching staff, department heads, college principal, etc. It helps to connect and make contacts with persons with whom you are not in touch within recent time.

Develop People Skills: The ability to communicate with people and get ideas helps to reach the goal of your objectives. Start connecting with new people and stay in touch with the old ones, observe their qualities, find a common topic for discussion or meeting, and let people know your views and ideas.

Be Available: Active participation in college events, meetings, state and national level conferences, clubs, debates, trainings, internships, job fairs, placement opportunities, and part-time jobs to gain experience, enhances your overall networking. It is quite difficult to available at the right time, but correct resources can help you find excellent opportunities.

Guidance: The appropriate guidance can help you reach your goal. Seek guidance without being apprehensive, reach out the senior students, tutors, mentors, and college staff to let them know your potential. They can accordingly guide and show you the right path based on your skills and choices.

Image on Internet: Nowadays, we all have access to the internet. Create a professional email-id using the internet and mention it on your resume and in every job portal. Register on multiple platforms and get notified for new job updates. Other than providing a good impression, it helps in suggesting suitable profiles, match your skills.

Using Professional Platforms: Other than social media platforms, there are some professional social platforms to find a relevant job of your choice. A platform like LinkedIn is a great choice, where you can find industry experts, company HRs, recruiters, and seniors, department managers of a well-known or your dream company. You can find your connections if any, on the website and propose recommendations.

If you wish to work in professional organizations, you need to be challenging and competitive in nature. Observe your connections and build your relations slowly to let them know your career orientation, pre-concepts of jobs, etc. The well-maintained college network can help you get a job using connections.

Go ahead and create a wonderful network that can get you the right job and help you grow professionally.