NSS Activities


1.Plantation :

  • Aits staff & students participated in Neeru- Chettu programme in collaboration with ABN Andhra Jyothi media.

3.Blood Donation:

    4.Swachh Bharath:

    • Swachh Bharath programme was conducted in the college premises .



    3.Cashless Transactions:

    • Awareness programme was conducted on 04-1-17 in C.K.Dinne Mandal in view of promoting cashless transaction.

      5.Health Awarenes Programmes(Yoga):

Background: The National Service Scheme (NSS), a voluntary and value-based student youth programme, is one of the major youth schemes being operated in the Ministry of Youth Affairs & Sports. The Scheme was launched with the primary objective of developing the personality and character of the student youth through voluntary community service.

Aims & Objectives: The aims and objectives of the NSS are : (i) to render service to the community while studying in an educational institution; (ii) to arouse the social conscience among students; (iii) to provide them with an opportunity to work creatively and constructively with the community around the educational campus; and (iv) to put the education they receive to concrete social use; and specifically.

Motto: The motto of the NSS is ‘ NOT ME BUT YOU’.

NSS attempts to establish meaningful linkages between “Campus and Community”, “ College and Village” and “Knowledge and Action”.


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